I was born in 1989, when at the CERN physics laboratories in Genève a simple idea was born as well. The idea was to share the scientific knowledge between people all over the world. This idea shortly became the "Web" and in about 20 years this small idea of  "sharing" changed the society itself.

Here I am to bring my little contribute to the science and to the World Wide Web.


In this section you'll find a little showcase of the websites I recently built.

GetSimple CMS

Here you can find some nice stuff for this great CMS.

Bancha CMS

Here you can find the Twitter Bootstrap theme for the Bancha CMS, a new great CMS.


A php script to convert your Europass curriculum vitae xml file to a better looking web page with key information and internationalization ready. You can find the code on github and a demo (with my own resume) can be viewed here.

Web Design Concept Sketches

Some website, web app, UI or other design concept sketches.

Code Goodies

Some microblog posting to self-remind nice code snippets or useful resources.