GetSimple CMS

GetSimple is a small but extensible database free CMS. It's aimed to be basic and simple but with the plugin system is extensible with very powerful features.

In this section I will post all my themes and plugins built for GetSimple.

Twitter-bootstrap GS

This is the port of the famous twitter-bootstrap toolbox to Getsimple. It is full featured and you can find a complete documentation on the original project site.

Download - Live demo


Elegant Responsive Theme

This a very simple and minimal theme with the power of a fully responsive theme.  It's based on the html5boilerplate and it provides html5 markup and modernizer.js to work with old browsers.

Download - Live demo


Skeleton Theme

This theme is both a theme and a theme framework since it's based on the Skeleton framework. It's fully responsive and should work on almost any device. 

Download - Live demo


Dark Moon Theme

Dark Moon theme is a simple responsive theme based on html5boilerplate and following a dark color scheme. You can use a custom background that will fit any screen size.

DownloadLive demo